The Wonderful World of Secondhand Books - Buyback Guidelines

Secondhand Book Buying Guidelines!
Please Note: Boswell only buys secondhand for store credit, NEVER cash. The minimum number of books we'll look at is 10, the maximum is 100.
We have temporarily shifted to buybacks by Appointment Only. Please call the store or contact our buyer via the email below. When you arrive for your buyback appointment, the process will vary a bit from our typical drop-off service.
Drop your books at the front desk and fill out the secondhand buyback form. We will contact you with an offer of store credit within a few days. Any books we cannot use will be set aside for you to collect. You have one week from the time we contact you to pick up any books we cannot accept. If you do not recover your returned books in that time, they will be donated or recycled, depending on condition. Store credit is set aside at the front desk.
A few caveats: Books must be in good condition - no tears, rips, dirt, coffee rings, dog bites, crayon scribbles, or unexplained stickiness. No weird smelling books, please. And skip the following: book club editions, textbooks, and anything with lots of underlining, marginalia, or highlighter marks. Alas, we do not regularly deal in rare and antiquarian books, and we cannot offer appraisals. And again, be aware that we only buy for store credit, never cash, and you can expect to receive one quarter of what we'll ultimately price the book for. We do offer competitive rates.
Have any questions on the world of used books?  Call Boswell at (414) 332-1181 or send an email to